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Unit 17.2, Level 17, Wisma Sunway, No. 1, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah C9/C, Seksyen 9, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
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DASQUA Caliper

Brake Rotor Gauge Wheel On Caliper & Easy Out/In Side Digital Caliper

Multi-Function Digital Caliper

Digital Step & Gap Gauge

DASQUA Micrometer

Limit Micrometer & Wire Micrometer & Groove Micrometer

V-Anvil Micrometer & IP65 Water Proof Digital V-Anvil Micrometer

Head of Screw Thread Micrometer & Pitch Diameter Gauge

DASQUA Indicator

Heavy Duty Precision Bench Center

Precision Granite Comparator Stand w/ Cast From Anvil & Precision Measuring Table w/ Ceramic Anvil

Precision Granite Comparator Stand & Precision Granite

DASQUA Height Gauge

Double-Beam Digital Height Gauge

Digital Height Gauge With Absolute Linear Encoder & Double-Beam Dial Height Gauge With Digit Counter

IP65 Water Proof Heavy Duty Digital Height Gauge & With Wireless Transmission

DASQUA Angle Tools

5 Pcs Mechanist Square Set & Measuring Bevel

Stainless Steel Straight Edge & Adjustable Bevel Square

60 Square With Wide Base & 135 Square With Wide Base

DASQUA Precision Level

Digital Angle Gauge With Flip Display & Absolute Digital Level With Magnetic Base

Digital Protractor & Digital Angle Gauge

Precision Frame Level With Woodle Handle & Precision Level & Precision Frame Level

DASQUA Calibration Gauge

Pin Gauge Set

Gauge Ball Set & Caliper and Height Gauge Checker

5 Pcs Large Metric Gauge Block Set & 8 Pcs Large Metric Gauge Block Set & Gauge Block Holders

DASQUA Tool Setting

Granite Surface Plate & Granite Plate Stand

Magnetic V-Block Set & Granite Square 90

Magnetic V-Block & Magnetic Induction V-Block

DASQUA Comparative Measuring Gauges

Spring Calipers And Dividers Series

Telescoping Gauge Set & Small Hole Gauge Set

Taper Bore Gauge & Taper Gauge & Circumference Gauge

DASQUA Welding Gauge

Welding Gauge & Fillet Welding Gauge

Welding Gauge

Welding Gauge & Bridge Cam Welding Gauge


12 Pcs General Purpose Measuring Set

9 Pcs General Purpose Measuring Set & 5 Pcs General Purpose Measuring Set

Disc and Rotor Flex Chrome Kits Set & 5 Pcs General Purpose Measuring Set

DASQUA Instrument

High Accuracy Digital Height Gauge

Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

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