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Custom-designed Gages

Accessories for High-temperature Gages

Coating Agents

T-type Gage Terminals

Clip-type Displacement Transducer DTC-A

Inductance-type Displacement Transducer DLT-AS/BS

Wire-type Displacement Transducer DTPA-A

Optional Accessories for Displacement Transducers

Input Adapters and Voltage Input Boxes

Bridge Boxes and Bridge Adapters

Junction Box SJB-C/D, JBS-C

Strain Generator CAB-E, WDS-10

Printed Circuit Assembly Stress Analysis Software PCAS-200A

Printed Circuit Assembly Stress Measuring Software PCAS-100A

Data Analysis Software DAS-200A

DCS-100A Optional Software

Analysis System for Vehicle Safety Tests X-Crash

Crash Testing Analysis Software

Barrier Load Cell

Data Logger for Crash Test DIS-5210A

Pipe Stress Measuring System

Shaking Table Measuring's Software

Wind Pressure Measuring System

Gait Analysis System


The Reason Why Constant Current Bridge Excitation is Used for Civil Engineering Measurement

Principles of CST Method

Differences Between Constant-voltage System and Constant-current System in Bridge Excitation




Resistance Change of Strain Gages Bonded to Curved Surfaces

Influence of Insulation Resistance

Compensation Methods of Temperature Effect of Lead Wires (3-wire System)

Temperature Effect on Lead Wires with 2-wire System

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