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Industrial Pull UP I2C connection

uSD pSLC Card 8GB (Industrial Grade) Class10 - PACK 5units

Equipment cable (RED), 0.75mm2 H050V-K

Equipment cable (BLACK), 0.75mm2 H050V-K

Dispensing System I-CUPBOARD

Stock Monitoring E-NVENTORY


Load Cells Intro

Force Transducers Intro

Torque Transducers Intro

Pressure Transducers Intro

Applications Of The Automotive


Applications Of The Industrial Machinery


ATAGO Coffee Refractometer - Coffee Brix / TDS

ATAGO Pocket Refractometer (Alcohol Check)

ATAGO Pocket Refractometer - Urea

ATAGO Pocket Refractometer - Soil Mosture

Portable Wheel Load Scale RW 2.0

Portable Wheel Load Scale RW8.1 & RW 9.1

Portable Wheel Load Scale RWA 8.1.0 Verifiable & 9.1.0 Verifiable

Aircraft Scales


Fiberless Type Radiation Thermometer FLHX Series / FTKX Series

Radiation Thermometer TMHX Series

Display / Setting Option / Accessory

Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detector Eddy C & CL

Eddy-Current Single-Rail 8-Channel Flaw Detector

SMARTSCAN Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

EDDYCON D Multi-Channel Eddy Current Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic, TOFD and phased array flaw detector and thickness gauge

Equotip portable hardness testers C Leeb, Rockwell & UCI


Triaxial Accelerometer Mounting Block / Magnetic Mounting Block / Stud Mount Adaptor Block

MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Chip Test Sets

SDI's 3340 G-Logger® Data Acquisition System

SDI's 3330 G-Logger® Data Acquisition System

SP Tools Kit

Concept Series Tool Kits

Tech Series Tool Kits

Custom Series Tool Kits

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