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Civil Engineering & Construction Instruments

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The Reason Why Constant Current Bridge Excitation is Used for Civil Engineering Measurement

Principles of CST Method

Differences Between Constant-voltage System and Constant-current System in Bridge Excitation

Differences Between Strain Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners

How To Obtain Accuracy of Load-cell Based Weighing System

How To Obtain Proper Rated Capacity of Load Cells

Installation of Load Cells to Hoppers or Tanks

Connection to Calculate Average Output Voltage of the Same Model Transducers

Conversion of Strain Quantities (Voltage) Measured by Transducers Into Proper Physical Quantities

Relations between Transducer Output Signals in Equivalent Strain and Voltage

Graphs to Obtain Power of Work, Rotary Speed and Torque

Countermeasures Against Failure In Initial Balance (Resistant Balance)

Units of Acceleration "gal" and Gravitational Acceleration "g"

Equations to Calculate Centrifugal Acceleration

Terms to Express Characteristics of Strain-Gage Transducers

Relations Between SI Units and Conventional Gravitational Units

Strain Gage Bonding Procedure

How To Form Strain-Gage Bridge Circuits

Generating Calibration Values Based on the Tip Parallel Resistance Method

Methods of Obtaining Magnitude and Direction

Compensation Methods of Nonlinearity Error of Quarter-Bridge System

Compensation Methods of Effect of Lead Wire Extension

Misalignment Effect of Bonding Strain Gages

1 - 24 of 72

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